What are your prices?

Since every invitation suite is different, so are the costs. We hate to be vague - but things like paper quality, printing method, etc. all factor into your quote. That said, we are happy to provide a ballpark for us to start from. Most invitation suites start from $10 per set (includes the invitation with mailing envelope, response card and envelope, and one small additional insert). Foil stamping, letterpress, and engraved invitations are more expensive as they are a more labor intensive process. We do have a 75 invitation minimum to start. Feel free to contact us if you need more specific details.

Can I do this within my budget?

Clients are often comfortable telling us what their overall stationery budget is for their event. This allows us to provide suggestions on where best to spend your money. For example, it can mean we get creative with how to print your invitations (by changing the size of inserts, or perhaps printing a menu at the same time as the invitation, etc.).

I saw this great invitation online – can you replicate it?

No, no and, once again, no! While our goal is to ensure that you are completely happy with your design, we will not copy another designers work. It is unethical. We appreciate your understanding!

What type of printing services do you offer?

We have long standing relationships with all types of great printers! We provide digital, thermography, engraving, letterpress, and foil stamping printing options for our designs. We do not print items in house unless it’s a unique circumstance.

I also need day of stationery…can you help with that?

We are delighted to work with you on everything from your save the date to your thank you notes – and everything in between – to ensure a cohesive look and feel. This includes programs, menus, escort and place cards, welcome notes, etc. We typically start on day of stationery 4-6 weeks in advance.

Can you create a hand-drawn map for me?

Absolutely! In addition to using these for invitations, these are also great for welcome notes to guests.

Why should invitations be hand cancelled?

Most post offices offer hand cancelling services (trust us – this can vary by postal clerk to postal clerk - all within the same post office!). Hand cancelling your invitations eliminates some of the machines that your invitations go through as they are mailed. Theend result normally produces a much cleaner envelope as it reaches your guests, and it's likely not to get damaged!

Do you offer calligraphy services?

Have you seen our chicken scratch?! No, we do not hand address envelopes. We are happy to offer digital calligraphy with your invitations. We are also happy to recommend you to two calligraphers that we work closely with: Arney Walker and Meant to Be Calligraphy.  We are also happy to manage this step in the process for you.

What about using vintage postage...

We LOVE vintage postage and are happy to make some recommendations that compliment your design. Please do understand that vintage postage varies in price and will cost more than the stamps that are available today at the post office. We can also procure these as part of your invitation suite.

How much will it cost to mail my invitations?

Most save the dates and response cards weigh less than 1 ounce, and cost $0.49 each to mail. Most invitations weigh 2+ ounces so will cost $0.71+ each to mail domestically. If you choose a square shape, the envelope is too thick or rigid, then the post office will require additional postage. International postage varies depending on country, though you shouldn’t include postage on your response card envelopes for international mailings. We can provide an estimate for postage with your invitation quote.

I have a lot of out of town guests, when should I mail my invitations?

If you are expecting a lot of out of town guests, or you have a destination wedding, we always recommend sending a save the date (especially with hotel room block information or including a wedding website for details). Save the dates should be mailed 4-9 months in advance (depending on your specific circumstances). For these instances, we also recommend mailing invitations at least 8-10 weeks in advance (standard etiquette is 6-8 weeks but we like to add a little buffer). The response date should be 1 month in advance so that it allows time to call those last minute stragglers, work on your seating, and finalize your catering numbers with a little less stress.

When should I order my stationery?

We usually need a minimum of three months before your invitations need to mail to complete your design, have it printed, and be ready to mail.

Do you take rush orders?

Sometimes! It depends on the project scope and timing. Contact us and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

Can you help me with a corporate or fundraising event?

Yes, we’d love to! We are grateful to say that much of our business is because of referrals, and often our wedding clients become our business clients! Because of our agency background, we often provide marketing and strategic services as part of the engagement.

I need help with a Mitzvah invitation!

We would love to help you with these!